These Photos Show What Could Happen When You Don’t Vaccinate Your Child

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11-month-old baby Elijah’s mom Kayley Burke, of Brisbane, Australia, is showing these pictures to the world – as both a lesson and warning to parents who decide not to vaccinate their children.

Kayley Burke shared heartbreaking images on social media of her 11-month-old son, Elijah, covered in blisters and scabs.

Our poor baby boy who is too young to be immunized has caught the chicken pox (sic),” she writes. “It has almost been a week since they showed up… Today he was admitted to Ipswich Hospital with a secondary infection.”

She wants to make sure that parents are encouraged to keep up with their children’s vaccinations.

“Bottom line if you don’t vaccinate your kids your a bloody idiot (sic),” she wrote.

The post was shared over 46,000 times, but has since been removed.

While it’s not exactly clear what secondary infection Elijah has contracted, reports suggest that it is possible he has developed impetigo, which is a skin infection that can often follow a chickenpox infection.

Burke asked that as a mother it was distressing to watch her son cry and suffer through the pain and itchiness associated with his open wounds.

I don’t think that any parent would want to see their child suffer like this!

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