There’s No Wrong Way To Feed Your Baby Says This Mom

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When it comes to feeding, there’s always lots of debate raging about what’s best for babies.

One photographer doesn’t think all this debate is necessary so she’s simplified the issue down to one simple, beautiful message: “Fed is Best.”

Photographer Abbie Fox struggled to nurse her own babies, so she was inspired her to start spreading her message.

About a year ago, she created a similar image showing moms feeding their babies in all kinds of ways, and the results are breathtaking.“Last year I did a project that was near and dear to my heart and it was such a hit I decided to do it again this year,” Fox wrote. “I had many issues while trying to nurse my babies with a lot of other moms judging me and making me feel bad for something I couldn’t physically do. There were always gorgeous breastfeeding photos but I noticed one main thing missing, the other moms who weren’t able to nurse. So the concept for the shoot was Fed is Best.”

The turnout was just as good as last year’s version. Fox says, “While yes breastmilk is the healthiest option for baby most of the time, I’m not denying that, sometimes women cannot do it. Whether baby won’t latch, mom can’t produce milk, or a variety of other reasons, we as moms should support one another and not make each other feel bad for us just trying to keep these little humans alive. That is what the concept Fed is Best is all about.”

The images sends a strong message – at the end of the day, breastfeeding isn’t an option for every Mother or every baby. What’s really important is getting food and nutrition into them to help their bodies and brains grown.

No Mother deserves to be shamed for doing whatever is best for her family, regardless of the method that she chooses.

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