There’s A 100% Chance You’ve Told One Of These Lies To Your Kids

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“Sorry kiddo this chocolate bar is really spicy” – I think we can safely say we’ve said something along these lines at least once to our children OR you can still remember the lies your parents told you. These parenting lies will have you laughing for days… (you may also get a few ideas)

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Here are 8 more to add to the list:

  1. “My parents told me Mickey died so I didn’t ask to go to Disney”
  2. “My dad told me chocolate was dog food”
  3. “My mum lies about the time to make me get out of bed.”
  4. “The cucuy is coming to get you.” (Mostly all Hispanic parents. Then we use it on our kids or nieces/nephews.)
  5. “If you sit too close to the TV your eyes will turn square!”
  6. “If you misbehave in the car the police will give us ALL tickets”
  7. “Okay, you can stay out here and play, just look out for that bear”
  8. “Because I always used to get in the way of my mom vacuuming the house she always said if I don’t get out of its way I’ll be sucked into the vacuum”

What lies have you told your kids? Add to this list!

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