Teenager Hit And Killed While Trying To Get On School Bus

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Troopers in Onslow County, NC, say a teenager was struck and killed at a school bus stop. The accident happened early morning in front of the boy’s home on Dawson Cabin Road near Stillwoood Drive, south of Jacksonville.

The Highway Patrol says that 16-year-old David Palacio, who attended Dixon High School, was struck when he crossed the road to get on the school bus.

The stop arm on the bus was apparently extended when the teen was hit and the vehicle stopped after the crash.

Troopers say that the driver of the car, Staff Sgt. Joshua Block, has not been charged as yet but the 26-year-old is stationed at New River Marine Corps Air Station.

It happens far too much than we’d like to see,” 1st. Sgt. David Oglesby said. “Many incidents like this morning could result in tragedy. We routinely get, just reported to our office, about three to five per week where people are not stopping for stopped school buses throughout the county.”

Some students on the bus witnessed the accident as well as two adults nearby the scene.

Palacio sadly died at Onslow Memorial Hospital, as they were stabilizing him to be airlifted to Wilmington.

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