This Teenager Has A 52-Year-Old Boyfriend

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Love is blind and it knows no boundaries – even if there’s a three-decade age gap getting in the way!

Teaching student Selma Teichmann, 19, met her boyfriend Maik Lier, 52, over a year ago, when they were working together. They became friends on Facebook and then things blossomed.

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“For Maik it was love at first sight and after a few days, he sent me a friend request on Facebook. Then he started writing to me,” Selma said.

At the beginning, I didn’t answer a lot of his emails. He was very stubborn and continued writing to me every day. Step by step, I opened up to him and we wrote messages about anything and everything.
“While we were writing to one another, I fell in love with him and his feelings grew stronger. But at first, I hid my feelings, because I wouldn’t admit it to myself.
“After three months only writing, we met each other. From this day on, we knew that we belong together.

“We speak the same language and have similar interests, such as music and drawing. We thought about this huge age gap in the beginning, but for both of us, it was no problem. Our feelings were stronger.”

While the couple are completely besotted with each other, other people haven’t been so keen about their relationship and particularly the 33-year age gap. Selma’s estrangement from her disapproving family is proving to be a huge hurdle for them to overcome.

Image credit: Mercury Press

“For half a year we hid our relationship, as my mother suspected more behind the relationship between Maik and I, so I talked to her,” she said.

“Since this point, our family connection is problematic. Currently I live with Maik, because they don’t accept our relationship and try to keep us apart.
“Maik has no contact with his family. His best friend and my friends accept and tolerate our relationship.
“The incomprehension of my family is the most difficult thing for us; they don’t accept Maik and this has destroyed the contact between them and me.
“Their behaviour led to the current situation. We have had no contact for two weeks. This is a problem we are struggling to overcome so far.

But the couple don’t want to let the haters get to them, assuring them that love has no age, limits or labels – ‘no matter what they think or say’.

“We want to show everybody that we are happy in this relationship and that age gap relationships are nothing to hide.
“Love has no age, no limits, no labels. Love is love. No matter what they think or say. Everybody has the right to be in love.
“This year we will move in together officially. For the future we are thinking about getting married and starting a family.”

Another couple, also with a 33-year age difference – 25-year-old Amanda Harper and her 58-year-old partner Jay Horsky – recently spoke out to try and show others how ‘happy and healthy’ their relationship is, sick of being branded ‘disgusting’.

The couple met each other on Plenty of Fish three years ago and have since been ‘inseparable’ – but despite being happy, they’ve been met with nasty comments and dirty looks from strangers.

“I only register men with grey hair,” Amanda said. “In the same way that certain people only like redheads or blondes, I love greying hair.”

You can’t really say fairer than that, to be honest.

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