Teenage Boy Found Dead In His Tent At Reading Festival

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A 17-year-old boy was found dead in his tent at a Reading Festival in the early hours of the morning.

His death is being treated as unexplained, the Thames Valley Police said.

He was pronounced dead after emergency services were called to a tent in the campsite at the popular music festival shortly before 2am on Monday.

The teenager has not been formally identified however his next of kin have been informed.
Superintendent Rory Freeman, the festival’s police commander, reassured others who attended the event that there is ‘no cause for concern’.

He added: ‘We will continue to provide support to the boy’s family at this difficult time.’
Another teenager was stabbed as he watched Kasabian during their headline set at Reading festival.

The 18-year-old was attacked with a ‘sharp implement’ after a fight broke out between several men in the crowd.

The boy was treated by festival medical staff before being taken to Royal Berkshire Hospital and he has since been discharged.

Thousands of music fans attended the event, along with its sister festival Leeds, which traditionally takes place across the August Bank Holiday weekend in the UK.

Security was ramped up at both locations in light of recent terror attacks in Europe with staff conducting rigorous bag checks.

RELATED: Tips to keep your Child safe in crowds

If you are with your child in a crowd, it’s easier than you think to lose him or her. Why? Well, kids are curious and fast. They see something that interests them or perhaps they’re bored and get into trouble. It’s not unusual.

Children aren’t thinking about getting lost or worrying about not finding mom again in a big crowd; kids are thinking about whatever they see that instant. So in order to keep an eye on your little one when you’re at a big event, in a crowded city or town or any other place in which you and your child could be amongst a big group, try these tips:

1- Label Their Items With Your Info

Definitely do not put your child’s name on a shirt or backpack in a large pack of people! That’s basic stranger danger no-no! Instead, put a label in your child’s clothes with your info in case he or she wanders off. Hopefully, your child will be found by a kind stranger or professional who can then contact you. Your cell phone and name will help!

2- Designate a Meeting Spot

Pick a place at the event or area in which you and your child/children are present that can be a “family meeting spot” in case anyone gets lost. Tell everyone to gather at the meeting spot whenever a family member is lost. And in that case..

3- Decide Whether to Meet or Stay Put

Before the day or night begins, explain to your kiddos that if anyone gets lost they should do 1 of 2 things:

  • Either stay put where the kid or you were last seen OR
  • Tell them to go to the meeting spot

4- Wear Colorful Clothes– All of You

If you are a large family, you may all want to wear a corny identifiable matching t-shirt, but do NOT put family names on it, other than the label with parent contact info.

5- Important People

Your kids should know who is an important and trusted person like police officers, security guards, etc. This will help your kids to identify an appropriate adult in case they get lost. When you arrive, point out all the appropriate adults your kids can trust.

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