Teen Mother Goes Partying For A WEEK And Came Home To Find Her Baby “Skin and Bones”

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Parenting really is hard work.

You are literally sacrificing a whole lot of things you want to do — but it’s just for the time being.

Because someone else needs you and you are responsible for all of their needs, it’s an important thing.

It’s the biggest job out there.

Being a parent can be even harder when you start stacking on extra challenges.

Like being a teen mom, or a single parent, or a parent of a kid with special needs. Those parents usually have extra stresses on top of an already stressful job of raising a kid.

The life of a teen Mother has been a little more in the open over the past few years – especially because of the TV show Teen Moms on MTV we are able to see a glimpse into what life is like for so many moms.

Those new Mothers are all very young — usually around 16-years-old when they bring a baby into the world. I’m not sure how completely true the show is, it definitely can’t be a good judge on what every single teen mom’s life is like.

But it has started conversations as it shows the challenges that a teen mom can have.

And while it is certainly no walk in the park, what this teen Mother is reported to have done to her baby is completely devastating, heartbreaking — but it happened.

According to The Mirror a teen Mother was sentenced to prison after her 9-month-old baby was found dead in her home.

That news on its own is completely heartbreaking.

But it’s worse because it was the mom’s negligence that authorities say was the direct cause of the baby’s death.

According to reports, Viktoria Kuznetsova is a 17-year-old teen mom who lives in Rostov, which is in northern Russia.


She was mom to a 9-month-old little boy named Egor.

Egor died and the cause of death was ruled as dehydration and starvation.

Reportedly, the teen Mother was the direct reason her baby died and the court had apparently heard that she had planned to kill her baby boy when she started college because he was keeping her up at night.

The courts stated that the mom waited for her husband to leave for his military service before she put the baby in his stroller.

And she left for an entire week.

To go out and Party.

The reports indicate that the mom stayed at various student dorms for the week, she had returned home once during that time but courts indicate she only did so to help the dog.

She apparently gave her dog some water and ignored her baby completely, who was still left alone.

Police were called when neighbors became concerned that they hadn’t seen Viktoria or little Egor for some time.

Egor’s Death

“When the baby was found inside Viktoria’s house he was already dead, though his eyes were still wide open from terror,” the judge said.

According to the investigators, the baby was literally skin and bones.

“An autopsy showed the baby’s internal organs shut down one after another because of lack of food and water.

The court documents reported that the teen Mother told all her friends that her baby was staying with her aunt and she had taken to social media a few times to share that she was hanging out with her friends during this time.

She had also reportedly told police officers when she was in custody that she had tried to give the baby to an orphanage when he was just a month old, but he was returned to her care.

The Teen was sentenced to six and a half years in prison for the death of her little boy.

So sad.

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  1. Christina

    April 3, 2018 at 1:32 am

    She must not be human. And how did her family not notice? I’m thoroughly disgusted with this pathetic excuse for a mother.

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