Teen Girl Dies After Being Hit, Dragged By Pickup Truck On Way To School

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In Denver, Colorado, 16-year-old Victoria was on her way to school when she was hit and then dragged by a pickup truck.

Witnesses to the incident tell her mom Melissa that they were frantically trying to get the driver’s attention.

Melissa says that the driver did not realize her daughter under his truck until pulling into his driveway.

Victoria was rushed to the hospital with broken ribs as well as other internal injuries.

Four days following the crash, Victoria died from Septic Shock.

9-Month-Old Baby Fighting For Life After Ordinary Cold Turns Into Coma

A 9-month-old baby from Alabama is currently fighting for his life after a simple cold turned into a coma.

Isaac Lehmann has always been a happy, healthy baby, but he is now in the PICU at a children’s hospital in a coma and on a ventilator.

His family says that he caught a cold, the flu and later RSV.

Baby Isaac’s aunt, Ann Jacobs, said that he as breathing shallow and was congested.

When the family was just 3 minutes away from the hospital, baby Isaac stopped breathing.

“It took them about seven to 10 minutes to revive him,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs said that Isaac has possibly been suffering from seizures in the coma.

“It looks like he won’t be able to walk or talk or his vision and short-term memory, stuff like that. They’re thinking it’s going to be really damaged,” she said.

The family is asking for prayers.

“We’re trying to stay really positive just for him even if he does not make it, that he’ll go up,” Jacobs said as she cried.

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