Teacher Commits Suicide Due To Post Partum Depression

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Most people who knew her, thought that Allison Goldstein’s had a picture perfect life. She was married to a loving husband, they a beautiful baby girl, and were a close-knit family.

Allison was however hiding a secret, something her closest family members had no idea about- her battle with postpartum depression.

“I’m so sorry that I didn’t know how to describe this pain and seek help” she wrote. Allison sent the email before dropping off her 4-month-old daughter into a daycare facility.

She then drove to a dirt road and took her own life.

Her family didn’t see any warning signs of postpartum depression, anxiety or postpartum psychosis.

Her grieving family is now sharing their story in the hopes that by telling it, they will save lives. They hope to encourage families to look a bit deeper, and ask the tough questions especially when a new mom seems to be “just fine.” “If this can happen to Allison, it can happen to anyone,” her mom Carol Matthews said.

“Just the days before, she was just the happiest, smiling,” said her father. “I never thought I’d have to bury my baby.”

“I’m so mad at her,” said Goldstein’s mother Carol Mathews. “I feel like she’s like a teenager and I’m going to have to ground her. But you know, this was again the psychosis.”

Allison’s daughter Ainsley, was a happy and healthy baby. Her family says that she called daily to check in with them, and would visit regularly and share updates on the new baby.

Unfortunately, there weren’t any major warning signs which alerted the family to Allison’s postpartum depression. “I wanted red flags,” said Hudson. “I wanted big alerts.”

Allison’s family now feels it’s crucial to reach out to new moms directly, with a way to get help.

Allison had a great passion for working with kids, and was elementary school teacher, in Montgomery, Alabama.

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