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  • This iPad Game Can Treat Kids With A Lazy Eye

    Just call it an eye-pad. A special type of iPad game was more effective at treating children with a lazy eye than traditional patching treatments, JAMA Ophthalmology reported Thursday. Three to four percent of American kids develop...

    • Posted November 14, 2016
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  • distracted parenting
    Distracted Parenting: The True Cost Of Your Smartphone

    Raising a family is expensive and every parent knows the struggle of trying to balance the budget. We have to factor in health insurance, car payments, 401 K contributions, rent, daycare costs, and groceries. Typically, most families...

    • Posted August 10, 2016
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  • Toddlers and Technology: Finding a Balance Between Banishment and Overuse

    Pretty much straight out of the womb, my kids wanted to touch my phone, type on my computer, play video games, and watch television shows. At first, I feared my kids would become addicted, or their brains...

    • Posted June 15, 2016
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