Study Says: Staying At Home With Children Is Harder Than Going To Work

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This probably won’t come as a surprise for anyone who has spent the majority of time with their small kids at home before heading back to work.

But now there’s proof – there’s a report which says that staying at home with your children is much harder than going to work.

And according to millions of Moms from across the country, they completely agree!

A study has revealed that women have an easier time going to the office than trying to keep things in order at home with their kids.

A survey by AVEENO Baby says that 31% of those who participated in the research say that staying at home with kids is much harder than returning back to the work force.

Of the 15000 parents who were asked, more than 55 percent admitted that having a baby is hard work.

Another 20% said that parenthood is very difficult.

In other words, having a Baby Boss at home may be more difficult to deal with than your actual boss at work.

On the contrary though, 48 percent of those polled described their journey into parenthood as the “perfect experience.”

But when it comes to entering back into the work force, there’s no set time for parents.

Some Moms go back to work after only a few short weeks of maternity leave while others wait until their children are old enough to go to school full-time.

Most obstetricians recommend that a new Mother wait at least 6 weeks after giving birth to return to work, but many advise waiting 12 weeks.

Most postpartum bleeding would have ended 6 weeks after delivery, and tearing or stitches may have healed by that point

However, there are a number of other factors which come into play, especially when a new Mom makes her decision to stay at home or return to the office.

Many families find that it won’t make much financial sense for both partners to work outside of the home, especially with the rising costs in child care and how difficult it is to find a decent day care center.

Other Mothers though prefer to stay home to raise their child and be present for all of their important milestones.

Regardless of the choice, both stay-at-home moms and working moms can agree on one thing: it’s never easy!

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