Study Says Intelligence Is Inherited From Mothers

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Psychology Spot recently published a new study which found that where intelligence is concerned, kids get it from their Moms!

Yet it’s not impossible for it to be inherited from Dads, chances are very slim.

The explanation behind this is quite simple actually:

X chromosomes are the genes that carry intelligence.

Women carry two of these, while men only carry one, which makes it more likely for children to get their brain power from their Mothers.

The study goes further to say that it’s extremely unlikely that a father’s intellect has any impact on their kids. If the X chromosome does get inherited from the father, it is deactivated.

Intelligence is only partly hereditary, though. Psychology Spot says:

‘It is estimated that between 40-60% of intelligence is hereditary. This means that the remaining percentage depends on environment. stimulation and personal characteristics. In fact, what we call intelligence is nothing more than the ability to solve problems.

But the curious fact is that to solve problems, even a simple mathematical or physical one, comes also into play the limbic system, because our brain works as a whole.

Thus, even if intelligence is closely linked to the rational thinking function, it is also influenced by intuition and emotions, that genetically speaking, are influenced by the contribution of the father.’

Even if a child has a high IQ, his intelligence must be stimulated and nourished throughout life with new challenges which are constantly improving or else the intelligence level will actually decrease.

As the study puts it: The IQ with which we are born is important, but not decisive.”

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