Student Uses His Dad’s Old Hospital Locker On His First Day At Work

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A college student who recently began working at the hospital where his deceased father was employed at, shared a heartwarming photo of him using his dad’s old locker.

“My dad passed away a month ago and today I started working at the hospital and got his locker,” Tyler Crowe tweeted along with a photo “I just want to help people like he did.”

The Clemson student’s tweet went viral – it was favorited over 7,700 times.

Crowe told Buzzfeed that his Father died of cancer in May this year at age 52, and had been an anesthesiologist. The student is now employed as a materials manager at the same South Carolina hospital that his dad worked at.

 “Walking through those doors and knowing he wasn’t going to be there – that was tough,” Crowe told Buzzfeed. “It’s been very encouraging to know that I’m doing something special and that I’m making my father proud.”

I’m sure his father would have been really proud!

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