Stormi Webster Makes Her Adorable Photo Debut On Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat

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It’s a month since Kylie Jenner gave birth to her first child, daughter Stormi Webster, with Travis Scott, and now we’ve finally gotten our first look at her sweet little face.

After she gave three adorable peeks at the tiny tot, Kylie finally uploaded a close-up photo of her mini-me on Snapchat, dubbing her a “pretty girl,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Just days after she confirmed her pregnancy and announcing the birth of her baby girl, Kylie gave the world a first look at Stormi on Instagram by posting a photo of her holding her daughter’s hand. And things only got cuter from there.

Following Stormi’s Snapchat debut, Kylie has celebrated her daughter’s one-month birthday with an Instagram snap of herself cradling her daughter.

Hopefully, Kylie will give us even more cute pictures of baby Stormi soon!

Fans Call Out Kylie Jenner After She Shares New Picture Holding Baby Stormi With Long Fingernails

Many are using Kylie’s lengthy nails as reason to call her a bad mother.

‘Don’t want to be a b****, but the length go Kylie Jenner’s nails tell me all I need to know about her parenting or lack there of,’ said one Twitter user.

While Kylie has enlisted the help of several nannies and assistants, a source told PEOPLE that ‘she’s a really great mom,’ and that ‘she’s incredibly hands-on.’

A source spoke to E! News to update the outlet on Kylie’s first few weeks post birth.

‘It’s been a big adjustment for Kylie, but she’s loving be a mom and watching all of the little things that Stormi is doing each day. She’s exhausted and emotional, but she’s also completely in love.’

Kylie recently admitted that she couldn’t stop staring at her baby and has noticed a resemblance to herself in her little one.

When she was asked by a fan on Twitter how Stormi is doing, Kylie replied: ‘She’s good, still staring at her all day.’  

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