Stepmom Gets 10 Year Sentence For Spiking Toddler’s Sippy Cup With Nail Polish

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Step Mother Receives A 10 Year Sentence For Spiking Her Toddler’s Sippy Cup With Nail Polish

It’s so hard reading headlines such as this one. Why on earth anyone, let alone a parent, want to hurt an innocent child is just beyond me. However, we hear about it every single day and sometimes it’s people closest to the little ones that end up hurting them.

And when someone is found guilty of hurting a child, we can only hope that the law will take its course and that justice will be served – as quickly as possible.

Thankfully, justice has been served in this case.

A DuPage County judge has now ordered an Illinois stepmother who spiked a toddler’s sippy cup with nail polish, to spend the next 10 years behind bars.

As it was previously reported, Andrea Vazquez-Hernandez, 37,  tried to poison her 17-month-old step-daughter with nail polish on a Sunday evening in May 2016. Vazquez-Hernandez had called 911 and claimed that the little girl accidentally got into the polish, but when taken to the hospital, Doctors said that the toddler didn’t ingest nail polish.

The child apparently had spat out the drink when it tasted unusual. This then led detectives to believe that Vazquez-Hernandez purposely tried to spike the child’s drink.

Authorities said that the motive boiled down to pure jealousy.Vazquez-Hernandez and her husband had a child in 2010 however they separated shortly after. During their separation, the husband had a baby with another woman.

The baby, who’s a little girl, was born in December 2014. Vazquez-Hernandez and her husband later got back together, but she was reportedly quite jealous of the little girl’s mother, who her husband still kept in contact with.

Although Vazquez-Hernandez said that she was glad the child is doing fine now, the judge said that she showed no remorse at all up until the day of sentencing.

I am troubled … by the defendant’s lack of remorse,” Judge Brian Telander said. “I’m not so sure it’s not the situation she finds herself in. It just doesn’t seem to me that she gets it.”

During the hearing, Vazquez-Hernandez’s husband gave a victim’s statement. He said that he not only questioned her mindset when she tried to poison his daughter, but he also pointed out that her son, missing his mother, sleep walks at night looking for her.“

What were you thinking, that’s what I’d like to know. What were you thinking?

Assistant State’s Attorney Lee Roupas had initially asked for Vazquez-Hernandez to serve fourteen years in prison, a year under the fifteen-year maximum sentence for the charges of aggravated and domestic battery.

Yet, since the woman had no prior arrests and had already served fifteen months in the county jail, her sentence was brought down. However, once she completes her sentence, she will be turned over to immigration officials in Mexico, which is her home country.

We also wonder what was going through her mind when she gave the innocent little child the toxic drink. We are just glad that the child did not ingest the liquid and is doing fine now.


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