State Finds Daycare Not Responsible For Child Eyebrow Waxing Incidents

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State findings have revealed that a Pasco daycare isn’t responsible for a February incident where two mothers claimed the facility waxed their children’s eyebrows without their permission. This is according to documents obtained by KIMA-TV.

The daycare – which is a non-profit organization at Columbia Basin College – is licensed by the Washington State Department of Early Learning.

The center had reportedly been licensed for less than a year, and has had no complaints filed against them…until this one that is.

Mothers, Alyssa Salgado and Glenda Maria Cruz, pulled their children out more than 2 months ago, accusing the daycare of waxing their children’s eyebrows.

One of the Mothers, Glenda Maria Cruz, spoke to KNDU, shortly after the incident.

She had been taking her son to the daycare since he was 3 months old, and said that something like this had never happened before.

“I actually checked in with some moms that I know and I told them to check your sons and they said nothing,” Cruz said. “Just my son and her daughter are the only ones.”

The Washington State Department of Early Learning (DEL) picked up the investigation.

The department released their findings on Friday, April 20. According to KIMA-TV, the documents state that there was no evidence a child had their eyebrows waxed at the facility.

Frank Ordway, Assistant Director of Government and Community Relations for the DEL told KIMA-TV that there is “no indication of anything that put children in danger or treated them in any negative way at all at the center.”

Ordway says that their investigations typically take about 30 days.

However, this investigation took a while longer to complete to allow the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services to conduct their own investigation.

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