Stand Out From The Crowd! Original Baby Shower Ideas

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When it’s time to organise a baby shower, it’s important that you make a big splash with your event. You want your shower to be the one that everyone talks about, and the best way to do this is to have an original idea or theme which none of your friends have heard of before. Here is a list of great ideas you can choose from in order to make your baby shower one to remember!

Baby Bottle Chug

At baby showers, you will most likely have a lot of couples showing up, so it’s important to get everyone involved. The most fun way to do that is to have them face off against one another in a series of partner games! Make sure to pair up any singletons too so that they don’t feel left out.

Baby Bottle Chug is our favourite idea. You fill a series of baby bottles with a drink of choice – beer if you want to party hard, milk or soda if you want to keep it fun but rated PG. Each partner must face off against the other to see who can drink the whole thing first.

Customised Puzzles

It’s important to give everyone something to talk about and focus on even if they don’t know anyone else at the shower, and even if they are not currently engaged in another activity. Putting customised puzzles down on tables is a fantastic idea, and you can have these made easily.

For example, you could have a crossword puzzle which requires guests to know trivia facts about the new parents. They can work together to fill it in, with some of the answers only known to family members, co-workers, and friends to make it more of a challenge. It could also be a simple baby-themed wordsearch or crossword if you want to make it easier.

Honour the Men

One thing you often find with baby showers is that they are oriented more towards female guests and the mother, rather than the men in attendance. Even this up by including more gender-neutral or masculine activities.

Your games could include sports if heading outdoors, and you could request that gifts be bought specifically for the father as well as for the mother. While breast pumps and blankets may the normal kind of gift, what father wouldn’t love opening up toys and items to help him out with his new baby?

Throw a Dadchelor Party

On the other end of the scale, you could have two different parties altogether: a baby shower for the mother with all female guests, and a Dadchelor party for the father with all male guests!

It’s a brilliant way to make both parents feel equally valued and appreciated, as well as giving them the chance to hang out with friends and do what they enjoy. This is a really modern way to celebrate a new birth, and will definitely allow the parents to have fun before getting stuck in to the challenges of new parenthood.

A baby shower isn’t always about showing off and being the best, but you will want to remember it in a positive light and feel like everyone had a good time. That’s the most important thing – and if you can check both of those boxes, you are doing great, no matter how original your party idea was!

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