Soon It Could Be Illegal To Smoke In Your Car

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As a kid with parents as smokers, road trips would be brutal.

Lighting one cigarette with the end of another, us kids would cough and hack in the back seat until finally one of them would crack a window.

For a second, all of the smoke would suck out of the car and the kids would breathe deep.

Then everyone would get chilly, and the windows would go back up.

This was the norm for many kids a couple of decades ago (and some now still) – inhaling parent’s nicotine all while teachers taught us second-hand smoke kills.

Now, Alabama is about to pass a bill that will keep smokers from smoking in cars with anyone under the age of 19 in them!

Isn’t that great?

The state house has passed the law and the senate will be voting soon.

However, the fine will only be $100, but it’s a good start.

They are basically saying that the law is designed to look out for the kids. They don’t care if people smoke, they just don’t want anyone doing it with kids in the car.

Who can say no to that?

If it stops just one kid from sitting through the terrible ordeal of a road trip with smoking parents, we are all for it.

9-Month-Old Baby Fighting For Life After Ordinary Cold Turns Into Coma


A 9-month-old baby from Alabama is currently fighting for his life after a simple cold turned into a coma.

Isaac Lehmann has always been a happy, healthy baby, but he is now in the PICU at a children’s hospital in a coma and on a ventilator.

His family says that he caught a cold, the flu and later RSV.

Baby Isaac’s aunt, Ann Jacobs, said that he as breathing shallow and was congested.

When the family was just 3 minutes away from the hospital, baby Isaac stopped breathing.

“It took them about seven to 10 minutes to revive him,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs said that Isaac has possibly been suffering from seizures in the coma.

“It looks like he won’t be able to walk or talk or his vision and short-term memory, stuff like that. They’re thinking it’s going to be really damaged,” she said.

The family is asking for prayers.

“We’re trying to stay really positive just for him even if he does not make it, that he’ll go up,” Jacobs said as she cried.



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