Sick Troll Messages Facebook Users With Pictures Of Their Children And Disgusting Threats

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A twisted internet troll has been messaging Facebook users with pictures of their babies along with disgusting rape threats.

Users have been sharing screenshots of the vile messages in which the man says: ‘I will rape your baby’ and ‘I am going to have sex with your baby’.

One message shows a picture of a baby that’s wrapped in a blanket with the words: ‘do u love your baby cuz u nver gonna see him again’ (sic).   

Another message reads: ‘I will burn your baby c***’. 

The screenshots have been shared by one user who said: ‘My blood is boiling, people like this make me sick.’

The post has attracted a number of comments, with many people saying they had received similar threats.

One woman wrote: ‘This profile did the same thing to me I’ve reported this scum and somehow he is still getting away with it.’

Another said: ‘He started off asking to get to know me – I rejected him big and all of a sudden he brings my kids into it and throws nasty threats at me! Sick sad little boy.’

There has also been speculation that the messages were sent from a fake account set up by vile trolls.

Police say that they haven’t received any complaints so far.

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  1. Anna

    March 7, 2018 at 2:31 pm

    I would say come to my house and you won’t get past the front door. I feared for my life and my child’s life plus he just fell. Guns are needed. But my dogs would kill an intruder first. Only backup for my dogs.

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