How to Show Your Kids You Love Them Without Saying a Word

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We may think that our children inherently know that we love them because we are their parents, but it’s not that simple. Being tied by blood and womb doesn’t mean our children will psychically know how much we care about them. Saying “I love you” to our kids is very important, as some people aren’t comfortable as adults even expressing those words, but showing how much our children mean to us comes from more than just words. We all know that saying “actions speak louder than words,” so let your actions show your children how much you truly love them– without saying a peep!


Listen to your child. If you’re busy, going to work, have something to do, or are distracted, stop to listen to what your child has to say. Listening is an act of love! It helps us feel validated as humans and important to the person we are speaking to. Now as parents, we understand that there will be times when we cannot listen to our children,(perhaps while we are on the phone for work or with a doctor?) but if you cannot listen to your child right that minute, set an actual date or time and make a note to ask your child when you can hear his or her thoughts. Knowing that you will set time apart to hear what they have to say will help your kids feel valued.

Put it Down

Sometimes we cannot be distracted from the task at hand, but sometimes we can! Put down the phone, put down the laundry or whatever is you are doing in order to spend some time with your little one or big kid who is looking to you for some attention or quality time. If you find your child is constantly acting out, it’s a good sign that you are too distracted and not giving your child quality attention.


Our children love to hear about us! They love to hear about our experiences, what we were like as kids, what life lessons we had to learn and more! Sharing our experiences with our kids, including our feelings, is an act of love. Giving of yourself to any one person is a sign of intimacy, care and respect. Share your time, energy and thoughts with your kids. The love will be so apparent!

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