Shopping For Girls Costs More Than Boys, Study Says

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Heard of Pink tax?

It may be something that a lot of people have never heard of before, but actually, pay all the time without even knowing it!

That’s correct: there’s a pink tax that is secretly making you pay more money for your daughter’s clothing, toys and accessories than for your son.

I hate it, but when I go shopping for my kids, I usually don’t pay much attention to the prices.

I don’t really have the time to compare items or products – but it’s probably something that I need to start doing.

Why? Because I’m spending more money on things for my 5-year-old daughter than my 3-year-old son.

Even though I’m basically buying the same things for them, it’s the color which actually matters at the cash register.

Us parents have every reason to be upset about this.

Here we are trying to teach our girls that they can play on exactly the same field as the boys, that they should be earning just as much money as the boys and that they shouldn’t feel like they are the lesser sex in life.

Yet here we are spending more money to give them their basic needs.

 Pink Tax

According to a new study by the New York City Consumer Affairs (DCA), girls’ clothing and toys are more likely to cost more than boys’.

And it’s not just a couple of dollars here and there. We are talking some serious money here.

The Agency compared about 800 products with clear male and female versions.

The products came from more than 90 brands sold at two dozen New York City retailers, both online and in stores.

On average, Moms are spending about 7 percent more on their girls than our boys. And not only in the toddler and pre-tween department.

Females apparently spend more money on average than males.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 7 percent more for toys and accessories
  • 4 percent more for children’s clothing
  • 8 percent more for adult clothing
  • 13 percent more for personal care products
  • 8 percent more for senior/home health care products

As woman, we are forced to spend more cash on our basic needs like clothing and health care products than our male counterparts. It doesn’t make sense, but it’s the truth.

And even though the issue has been around for decades, it is still profound.

Girls clothing cost 4% more than boys, and women’s clothing cost 8% more than men’s.

A side-by-side comparison of red, short-sleeve polo shirts used as uniforms showed a $2 difference.

It exists despite there being no obvious difference in style or quality.

Where toys and accessories are concerned, we pay an average of 7 percent more for our girls than our boys.

A side-by-side comparison of two Radio Flyer My 1st Scooters showed this: A red scooter cost $24.99 and a pink scooter cost $49, despite them being identical in all other ways.

But, it gets worse: women’s personal care products also cost 13% more than men’s, according to the department’s study.

Many would argue that women tend to do more shopping and this is corporate America’s way of sneaking in a couple of extra dollars from our pockets into their’s.

I see how it makes sense, but this pink tax is ] sinister business if you ask me!

Does this make you angry Moms?


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