Shocking moment man waves Nazi flag at Bernie Sanders rally

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Shocking moment protester waves Nazi flag at Bernie Sanders’ rally in Phoenix before it is snatched away by senator’s supporters and he is kicked out of arena

A protester who attended Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign rally in Phoenix on Thursday unfurled a red Nazi flag.

Video posted on social media showed the incident which took place during the rally at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

As Sanders, the Democratic presidential candidate, spoke from the podium in the arena, a man who appeared to be on the upper mezzanine held a red flag with a black swastika imposed on a white dot in the middle.

The flag was being held by a white man in a white t-shirt.

A man in the upper section of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix unfurled a Nazi flag during Senator Bernie Sanders’ rally on Thursday

The flag was displayed in the middle of the senator’s speech to supporters on Thursday

The senator was unaware of the flag, which was unfurled for just a few seconds before Sanders supporters ripped it away from the man

As he held the flag, Sanders supporters in the audience began to take notice.

The senator from Vermont did not see the flag and continued with his remarks.

But the rallygoers responded by grabbing the flag out of the man’s hands.

Later video posted to Twitter shows the man with the flag being kicked out of the rally by local police.

As the man left the venue, he uttered a number of racial slurs.

Sanders, who is Jewish, lost relatives in the Holocaust.

Last week, Chris Matthews, the former host of MSNBC’s Hardball, apologized on the air after he compared Sanders’ victory in the Nevada caucus to the Nazi invasion of France in 1940.

Matthews resigned on Monday as host of Hardball after a freelance journalist, Laura Bassett, penned an article in GQ Magazine identifying him as the television host who flirted with her before her appearance on his show in 2017.

Sanders was giving a speech in Phoenix just 10 days before Arizona’s primary

During the same rally, a man tried to unfurl a pro-Trump banner, but it was quickly snatched away by Sanders supporters. The man is seen being restrained by local police

The article was written by Bassett as a reaction to Matthews’ asking Senator Elizabeth Warren on air why she believed women who accused Michael Bloomberg of gender discrimination.

Supporters of President Trump also tried to unfurl a banner during the Sanders rally, but it was also snatched by attendees at the Sanders rally.

Local police were seen escorting the Trump supporters from the venue.

Sanders, who days ago was considered the favorite to win the nomination, is now facing an uphill battle after Joe Biden surpassed him in total delegates, scoring considerable victories in the Super Tuesday primaries.

The senator from Vermont was in Arizona to campaign just 10 days before the state’s primary.

During the rally, Sanders blasted Trump as the ‘most dangerous president in the modern history of this country.’

‘I think we all believe that we cannot contain a person in the White House that is a pathological liar, somebody who is running a corrupt administration, somebody who has apparently never read the Constitution of the United States, somebody who thinks that he is above the law,’ Sanders told the cheering audience.

‘So, in November, we are going to teach Donald Trump a lesson in democracy.’

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