School Bans Parents From Swearing In Front Of Their Kids

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It’s not always easy minding your language when kids are around. For some, the bad words just come out naturally – especially when you’re feeling stressed or frustrated.

One school wants to take away this parental “right” to use swear words, phrases and expressions – even when we feel it’s necessary to do so.

The school wants to ban parents from swearing in front of their children both in and outside of the school’s premises.

The school in England is reportedly trying to combat parental bad behavior by banning them from swearing in front of their children. The school warned parents they will be banned from the school site if they continue to swear in front of pupils.

Principal Sam Linton, issued an ultimatum to families of some of her pupils.

The swearing problem was raised in a letter sent home to parents in which the principal issued an ultimatum to the families of some of her students.

She wrote: “Sadly, it has been brought to my attention about some parents heard swearing on academy premises and at the gates in front of the children.” Linton added, “While this is only from a very small number of parents, children are being exposed to upsetting language and even copying what they have heard. Please be careful about the language that you use at school and in front of the children as, if it continues, we may have to consider banning those individuals from the premises under our Parents Code of Conduct.”

What do you think?

Is it really such a crime to swear in front of your kids?

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