Sarah Michelle Gellar Took Her Son For a Manicure And The Internet Is Not Happy

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Sarah Michelle Gellar is no longer slaying vampires, these days the 40-year-old is a busy mom of two.

She spent the holiday break surrounded by her family and friends, but it’s one family outing in particular that has the internet talking.

Like any Mother who’s trying to balance the holidays, parenting, and their beauty regimens, Sarah brought her 8-year-old daughter Charlotte and 5-year-old son Rocky along to her manicure appointment.

Totally normal, right?

Sarah shared photos on her Instagram story of hers and Rocky’s matching manicures, as well as a snap of her son enjoying the catharsis of a good pampering, the internet trolls poured in.


Mic first reported about the actress’s family outing, and the Facebook comments were incredibly polarized.

Big mood: Sarah Michelle Gellar taking her 5 year old son to get his nails done to match his mother’s.
— Ξvan Ross Katz (@evanrosskatz) December 28, 2017

“This kind of thing should be outlawed as child abuse! It can cause a child to doubt their true gender,” an outraged user wrote. “5 years old. . . you’re brainwashing this kids with your sick ideologies,” another added.

We all know that keeping our kids entertained when they’re off from school is not easy, so why condemn a simple and innocent activity such as this?

As always, behind all the hateful criticism are certain people who understand that not only is it pretty cool her son appreciates these little luxuries at such a young age, but it’s adorable!

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“This proud daddy has pink and blue sparkly toe nails right now. . . this world needs more color,” one person commented on Facebook.

He’s a kid, what kid doesn’t like that sort of stuff? I’m happy to see that she’s not tied into the stupid idea of normal. Your picture girls. And [him getting] a manicure isn’t hurting one goddamn person on the planet. She’s a good mom,” another added.

On the other hand, here are some more uplifting reactions from Twitter below.

Daughter got nail stuff for Christmas so I joined her doing her nails & did mine. It was three days before I had access to polish remover. I’m a big bloke with a beard & tats. Don’t even care.
jojubs (@jojubs) December 29, 2017

What an iconic woman. Can she adopt me?
— Conor Byrne (@ConorPByrne) January 1, 2018

This was almost expertly applied by my talented little friend Marni… it’s not weird in her world, so why should it be in ours??? #zeroshame
— JJ (@JamieScotto) December 31, 2017

We don’t deserve SMG.
— Billy (@Haveacigar_) December 29, 2017

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