Relaxing Baby Bathtime Routines Every Parent Should Know

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Trying to get your child to understand the difference between night and day can be a task. If you have a restless baby then you have probably tried everything to get some sleep. As a parent you know that patience is the key with everything. Getting your child used to a bathtime routine is probably more important than you think. Here is why and how you can introduce bath and bedtime routines into your day.

Benefits To A Relaxing Bathtime Routine

As well as bath being hygienic for your little one, it is a good habit to get your baby used to. In the beginning your baby will probably hate the water. This is normal. Over time, if you don’t give up your child will learn to love the water. By introducing a relaxing bath before bedtime your child will begin to feel relaxed and will reduce their anxiety.

If you do this on a regular basis your child will soon begin to understand that after bath comes bedtime. A bathtime routine before bed is also a quiet time where you can bond with your baby. A lot of the time if you are breastfeeding the father doesn’t get special time with his baby. Bathtime is an equally good time for Dad’s to jump into parenting.

Feed, Bath, and Bed

There isn’t order you have to follow but the most proven routines are feeding, bathing and bedtime. Depending on when your baby gets tired you can do this at six in the evening or at nine. This depends on you, your partner, other children and of course your little one. Read their cues when they get hungry and tired and go from there. Soon you will find a suitable time which is ideal for all of you.

You can either start with a feed or finish with a feed. If your little one is on solids, then do this before as everyone knows how messy this can get. If you are bottle feeding or breastfeeding then you can do this in the bedroom in the dark. This will help your little one drowse off. If your child is on cow’s milk, then you can also give warm milk as they go to bed to help them relax. Most of the time milk will put your little one to sleep.

Combine a Relaxing Massage Into Your Routine

You want to make your bathtime routine as relaxing as water. Warm water with relaxing smells such as lavender is ideal. Warm towels and soft pajamas will also help your little one to relax. Doing this in a warm, quiet and dim lit room is also the ideal answer. This will help your little one to begin to understand the difference between night and day.

After the bath you can try a gentle and relaxing massage with baby oil. A lot of baby oils now have relaxing scents to them which will relax your child even more. Gently work your way over the whole body and finish with a cuddle and a kiss. This will make your child feel secure, loved and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Try to Keep It Constant

There is no right or wrong when it comes to routine. Years ago parents were made to feed and bath around a particular time. Today, you follow your baby’s cue and what is best for them. If you want to help your child understand that night is for sleeping then keep everything constant. Bathe your baby in the same room, in the same tub and try to follow everything the same each night. Using a safe baby bath tub is important. After a while, your baby will automatically know and understand the importance of bathing and sleeping.

As a parent, it can be a difficult task to juggle family, work, and personal needs. You need to go with the flow and be relaxed. The tenser you are, the more anxious your baby will get. Soon enough they will learn to understand the signals of bathtime and bedtime.

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