RECALL ALERT: Yankee Candle Is Recalling 31,000 Candles

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31,000 Yankee candles are being voluntarily recalled from the Yankee Candle company right now.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a recall on Yankee Candle’s Luminous Candle Collection. It turns out that when the candle is lit, the square glass jar in which it sits can crack and potentially cause serious injury.

Each candle cost about $35 and comes in scents six scents:

  • Sea Salt & Coral (item #1535651)
  • Blackberry & Sage (#1535890)
  • Apple Blossom & Melon (#1535891)
  • Sugarcane & Honey (#1535892)
  • Pine & Sandalwood (#1535893)
  • Cinnamon & Cedar (#1535894).

For more information on the recall, go here.

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