The Reason Why This Toddler Adores His Diaper Packaging So Much

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Advertising on baby products is usually aimed at parents but there’s actually just as much power in children seeing “themselves” in books, television ads and even packaging!

This is exactly what Rose Bennett, a Florida Mom, can attest to. Thanks to a photo of a boy on the packaging of her son’s diapers, Bennett recently observed that her 1-year-old son Ben had formed an adorable attachment to his diapers.

She tweeted about her son’s reaction saying: “Ben thinks this is him and won’t let go of the diapers”

The initial tweet has been favorited over 23,000 times and more than 12,000 times twitter users have retweeted it.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, the mother explained how the little boy’s bond with the packaging started. After running out of diapers, she went to Walmart with her mother-in-law to buy some more. Ben usually wears Parent’s Choice size 4 diapers but the store was out of those. Bennet then purchased size five diapers, which featured a different baby on the packaging.

When she changed Ben’s diaper the next day, she said he looked at the baby on the size 5 package and said “Ben.”

She said “I told him it wasn’t him but he insisted on dragging the diapers around and hugging them”

“He was very happy with his new ‘friend’ and continues to drag the diapers around the house.”

Bennett tends to think that her son has become so attached because he’s never before seen a baby that looks like him on diaper packaging.

In her interview, she added “Representation is more important than we think,” she continued. “I want to see other babies that look like him, so he knows there are others and that it is possible for him to be a baby model, as well.”

“We have to make sure they see representations of themselves portrayed in a positive light”

Who knew the impact diaper packaging could have?

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