Puppy Is Completely Covered In Mud After Playing With Pals – Except For His Perfectly Clean Face

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A very dirty doggy! Fluffy puppy is completely covered in mud after playing with pals – except for its perfectly clean face

Two pet owners got more than they bargained for after their gleaming white pup returned from a playdate unrecognisable after rolling around in the mud.

Hilarious photos show Onni, a five-month-old Samoyed from Helsinki, Finland, before and after a muddy doggy playdate.

His owners Lotta Alajoki, 25, and Miiro Lehto, 30, took him out for the day with his sister Ada but were shocked when all of his fur turned a chocolate brown colour from the mud, with his face being left immaculately white.

Onni, who even has his own Instagram account, shocked his followers with his muddy pictures, prompting his owners to post even more adorable snaps of him online.

They explained that the phenomenon is natural – as the dirt struggles to cling to the shorter fur around Onni’s face.

Lotta said: ‘At first we were worried about how we were going to get him clean but when we kept looking at him all we could do was laugh, he just looked so funny that we had to take a picture.

‘So many people think the mud is wiped off or it’s photoshopped but it’s not, he looks like that after every muddy walk or playdate!

‘His face was still white because the hair on his face is shorter so the mud doesn’t stick to it.’

Although Onni looks filthy after a walk his fur is actually self cleaning and Lotta only has to wait for the mud to dry before brushing it out to return him to pristine condition.

Samoyed dogs originate from Siberia, Russia, where they were traditionally used to herd reindeer, and are characterised by their thick white ‘double layer’ coats.

But for little Onni, the priority is playing and meeting friends, which he does at least once a week at the local park or when he visits his sister Ada’s house.

Onni, a five month old Samoyed from Helsinki, Finland, left the house for a doggy playdate with his perfect white coat glowing. He returned a muddy mess

Onni was on a playdate with his sister Ada and decided to roll around in the mud. He is pictured above with his sister before things got messy

Mischievous dogs! Onni and his sister Ada had a great time rolling around in the mud (left) but Onni was barely recognisable after they had finished their game

Out and about with Mum and Dad! Onni is seen above posing with his mother Lotta and his father Miiro, they are clutching onto him in the snow

One wasn’t enough for Onni and after a playdate at a local park last weekend he once again decided to roll around in the mud, he is pictured left and right after his adventure

All clean! Onni’s owners Lotta Alajoki and Miiro Lehto (right with Onni) brushed him all clean so he looked cute and fluffy again. Onni is pictured left

From cute and adorable puppy to a naughty and mischievous dog, Onni is pictured left when he first arrived with his owners and right in the park

Adorable! Onni was the cutest puppy and has now grown into a very mischievous dog who likes to roll around in the muddy fields

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