Prisoner Kills Inmate Who Beat His 2-Day-Old Daughter To Death

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Fox News reported on a father serving a life sentence for beating his 2-day-old baby to death.

The man was found dead in his U.K. prison cell last weekend and another prisoner has been charged in his death, The Yorkshire Evening Post reported.

Liam Deane, 22, who reportedly punched, shook and squeezed his 2-day-old daughter to death last July, was found dead in his prison cell at HMP Leeds on Sunday morning, the report said.

Deane reportedly admitted to killing his 2-day-old daughter, Luna, in July after the baby would not stop crying.

Deane was handed a life sentence last month and would serve a minimum of  10 years.

John Westland, 28, has been charged with Deane’s murder and remains held in custody.

It is unclear as to why Westland was in jail.

Tragic News: Toddler Dies After Chasing Toy Truck That Toppled From An Arizona Cliff

Authorities say that an Omaha toddler, who fell nearly 60 feet to his death during a family trip to Arizona in September, was chasing a toy truck when it rolled over the edge of a cliff. The toddler reportedly followed the truck past a safety rail.

The incident occurred on September 2 at Midgely Bridge, which is a popular destination for visitors.

The child landed on a ledge below and emergency medical personnel said the child died at the scene.

The death has been ruled accidental and was investigated by the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office and Sedona Police Department.

A police investigator spoke with the child’s father, Rajashekar Katpally, and mother, Sangeetha Citore as part of the investigation.

The parents reportedly said they had been in a rocky area below the Midlley Bridge parking lot, where their 2-year-old had been playing with the toy truck.

The toy then went over the cliff and the child fell while in pursuit.

Katpally said that the family had arrived in Arizona the night before and were on their way to the Grand Canyon when they pulled off at the Midgely Bridge.

They were taking pictures while the child was playing with the toy.

The Sheriff’s Department had received a report from the Medical Examiner on October 2nd documenting the cause of death as “blunt force injuries of the head and neck.” The ME report describes “the manner of death as an accident.”



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