Pop Star, Pink Gets Mommy-Shamed For Photo of Her Cooking With Her Kids

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Pop singer Pink often shares pictures of her adorable family-filled life with her Instagram account.

But sometimes sharing what appears to be an innocent photograph can lead to a flood of criticism — and that’s what happened when Pink recently shared a photograph of herself cooking a meal with her two kids.

The photo shows her making dinner with her 6-year-old daughter, Willow, and her 7-month-old son, Jameson.

Willow is kneeling on the kitchen counter, while the boy sits face-forward in a baby carrier.

Pink is sautéeing what appears to be some green veggies.

Instagram users were quick to slam the Pop star for supposedly putting her child in harm’s way.

I’m not usually picky like this, but you seriously are endangering your child wearing them while next to the stove like that, especially face first. Grow a brain lady,” commenter cliffordsbmw wrote.

I love pink, Im not her to judge anyone however when it comes to our babies we need to really really think is it worth the risk? dont ever think it cant happen to you cause it can and may [sic],” wrote krystal49801.

“Isn’t that dangerous for the baby. What if something spills out in pan onto the babies head [sic],” Instagram user jayln182 wrote.

Pink does not appear to be cooking a particularly oily dish and that she has angled the pan away from herself and her son, but still – many criticized the photo. 

Some people, however, came out in defense of the singer and praised her hands-on parenting.

Yess Pink!!!!! show them babies how to cook and show these women how moms multi task. You are doing you the way you need to feed them babies,” wrote sosophdope.

“Love this pic @pink this is honestly a day in a life of a REAL mother! We do what we can while making sure we spend time with our kids….people who start shit about nothing are pathetic and have nothing better to do. Keep rockin’ parenthood girlfriend it looks good on you!!!!!” added commenter every1s_favorite_momma.

Pink seems to be balancing it all and often gives her audience a glimpse of her hectic life as an entertainer and a mom. Sometimes, she’s getting her hair done while nursing her son and sometimes she’s wearing him in a baby carrier during rehearsal.

For many of her Instagram fans, cooking while holding her baby is just another example of what moms have to do to make it work.

“Yay your pictures are of a true mom trying to balance life!!!! Rock on,” added commenter amysunflowerash.

Can’t even begin to count how many times I had to do this with my son on my chest. People are ridiculous. You are amazing,” tange119 wrote.

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