Police Sergeant Saves Drowning Toddler While On Vacation

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A police sergeant from New Jersey is being hailed a hero for saving the life of a 2-year-old child who appeared to have nearly drowned at a Florida beach.

The Morris Township Police Sgt., Sean O’Hare, was on vacation at Clearwater Beach, Florida, on Sunday afternoon when he saw some commotion and distress by the shore, the local police department said.

O’Hare realized that the commotion was over a 2-year-old child that had turned blue and was not breathing after having been pulled from the water.

The officer initiated CPR and was able to resuscitate the child.

An update on the child’s condition was not immediately available.

In a Facebook post, the Morris Township Police Department praised O’Hare’s actions and called him a “true hero.”

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