Police Officers Deliver Surprise To 3-Year-Old Aspiring Cop

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Police Officers in Kansas City delivered a surprise to a 3-year-old girl whose dream is to be a Police Officer just like them.

A number of Officers dropped by Hannah Pasley’s lemonade stand last weekend, which was set up to raise money for her own uniform. After buying it on Saturday morning with her aunt, Ashly Rooks, Hannah continued working at her lemonade stand in the afternoon wearing her new uniform.

When no one was stopping by the stand, Rooks and a friend, Sierra Moore, posted to Facebook to encourage a Police officer to visit. The posts soon went viral and shortly thereafter, patrol cars were seen driving down the block toward Hannah’s lemonade stand.

Moore said on Facebook that at about 50 police officers showed up, including k-9 units as well as a helicopter fly over.

“I love police,” Hannah told the Kansas City Star Sunday. “I’m going to be a police officer when I get big.”

Hannah was given a Kansas City Police Department patch as well as a Clay County Junior Deputy badge.

Rooks posted more than 20 photos of the lemonade stand surprise on her Facebook saying “you can see the pure joy all the officers brought to her face.”

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