Baby`s Life Is Saved After Policewoman Pulls Over Parents

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Police Officer, Amanda Phipps received a commendation for saving a baby’s life after pulling over the parents’ car, because it had jumped two red traffic lights.

The Mother Mariam Traore, 32 was pulled over in Crawley, West Sussex, by Phipps and her partner Mark Robinson, when they believed she may have been driving under the influence in August last year.

Meyer approached the car and reported the situation over the radio to Phipps. It turned out that Mariam and her boyfriend were frantically trying to get to the hospital with Zara, their two-week-old daughter, who had stopped breathing.

Mariam stepped out of the car with her child in her arms.

Phipps said

My colleague leapt out and I heard him update on the radio saying, ‘two-week-old baby, not breathing’. Then I saw the mother get out of the car with the baby in her hands. So I jumped out of the passenger side and got in the back and she got in the back with me and gave me the baby. You forget how tiny they are. It was not quite a rabbit-in-the-headlights moment and I just said I would try.”

She was not breathing and I just thought I had to get some air in, so I did some rescue breathing.

Robinson drove them all to a nearby hospital, as  Phipps continued to perform CPR.

Phipps said

After about the third breath the baby then made a movement and a little noise. I just looked at the mum and said, ‘that’s a good thing’ – I think I said it more for myself.”

 “I just kept going with the rescue breathing until we got to the hospital. Then I got out of the car and just ran in and placed the baby down on the bed they had got ready.”

The infant, who is now 10 months old, recovered fully after spending 3 days in hospital.

Deservedly this week, Phipps was given a commendation from Sussex Police.

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  1. Diana Chiriac

    July 7, 2016 at 7:04 am

    Feels good to read stories like this

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