Police Issue Warning After Release Of Woman Who Poisoned 4 Children

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Peel Police has issued a public safety alert after a Kitchener woman found guilty of poisoning four children, has been released.

Christine Allen ran a home daycare in Kitchener from 2009 to 2011.

While  the children were in her care, Allen deliberately gave the children an over-the-counter eye care product

containing Tetrahydrozoline.

If ingested, it can cause abnormal drowsiness, low blood pressure, respiratory problems and decreased heart rates, especially in young children.

Police started the investigation in 2013 when Allen was caring for a friend’s child who was taken to hospital with “serious physical symptoms” such as breathing difficulties, drowsiness and a decreased heart rate.

The child recovered but had to be taken back to hospital with similar symptoms.

Detectives discovered another child who had been under the woman’s care in July 2010 had similar symptoms, and recovered after a few days in hospital, according to police.

In total, Allen was accused of poisoning 8 children and an adult.

Allen pleaded guilty to four counts of administering a noxious substance with intent to cause bodily harm in 2014.

Police say Allen will be living in the Charolais Boulevard area of Brampton upon her release this week.

She will be subject to numerous conditions, including not being in the presence of any children under 16 years old, unless accompanied by a responsible adult who has been approved by her parole supervisor.

Police said information they received indicates Allen is “at an elevated risk to re-offend.”

Police in the area are advising the public to use caution if they encounter Allen. Parents should be cognizant of their children’s activities and remain aware of the individuals with whom they are associating.

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