Police Investigating Attempted Child Abduction in Shoshone

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In Shoshone, Idaho, a 9-year-old girl was nearly abducted on Saturday afternoon.

According to information released by the Shoshone Police Chief Cliff Katona, the girl was with other children at the end of 6th Street around midday.

The children were able to scare off the suspect who tried to grab the victim by the arm. The girl, however, got free and ran away from the suspected abductor who ran away on foot.

Police have identified the suspect as a Hispanic male, in his 20’s with dark tanned skin, short black hair with side-burns. He was wearing a white sleeveless shirt with blue lettering on the front. He was also wearing dark blue jeans and sandals.

A blue Honda Civic, 1996-1999, with 4L plates was also mentioned by Police.

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