Police Find Shocking Car Seat DIY That Will Make You Sick

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Police Discover a Horrific Car Seat DIY That Will Literally Make You So Angry

Car seat safety is a very important topic for anyone who has a young kid – in fact, it’s important for anyone who is responsible for driving one around.

However, despite a few laws demanding that every child be properly restrained, and the numerous car seat options, children are still dying in car accidents because of the ignorance of adults.

Sadly, many times it isn’t until a viral photo of a devastating crash — and the car seat which did or didn’t save a baby’s life – goes viral, that parents stop to realize their own potentially deadly mistakes.

Following a shocking discovery in the backseat of a car, police officers in Victoria, Australia, are sharing an upsetting “car seat” photo in the hopes that it will go viral and raise awareness and save a child’s life.

After Preston Police noticed that two teenage passengers in the rear of a vehicle weren’t wearing their seat belts, they pulled the car over.

In the back seat, they found that the teens weren’t buckled up, because their seat belts were being used in an attempt to secure a 7-month-old baby into a “makeshift” car seat.

Instead of a real car seat, the baby was riding in a rocker placed on the middle seat with the two passenger belts barely holding it in place. Although no further information about the driver or the child’s parents was provided, the police officers revealed that they gave three tickets totaling an amount of $900 for having three unrestrained passengers in the car.

Image credit: Victoria Police

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, car accidents are the leading cause of death among children in the US, and in many of these deaths could have been prevented with proper car seat and seat belt use.

It’s impossible to understand whether the parents in this situation used the makeshift “just this once” – it still doesn’t make it right. What is clear is that an unexpected number of US adults are making similar choices. The CDC found that in just one year, more than 618,000 children were driven in cars without a car seat, booster seat, or seat belt on at least one occasion.

If this photo is disturbing to you and if you’ve read this far, you’re probably the kind of parent which does not need this very important reminder – but still, it’s worth repeating.

The possible consequences of not restraining children correctly (even “just this once”) are so deadly. In 2015, out of the 663 children 12 years old and younger who were killed in a crash, 35 percent of them weren’t buckled up. Even if the car accidents were not the drivers’ fault or couldn’t have been prevented, we will never actually know if those children’s deaths could have been prevented if the adults behind the wheel made a different decision before ever even starting the vehicles.


So if this DIY car seat photo makes you mad – it’s a good thing!


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