Police Fatally Shoot Pregnant Woman In Her Home

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Many people are disturbed over reports which say two Seattle police officers shot and killed a pregnant woman inside her own home.

Mother-of-4 Charleena Lyles was killed by Police at her home last weekend after she reported a break-in. She was also 3 months pregnant.

Her family is now looking for answers as critics are once again calling out these police officers for yet another senseless gun-related death.

Authorities say that Lyles confronted the officers with 2 kitchen knives – less than two weeks after she had threatened officers with long metal shears when they responded to a domestic disturbance at her home.

Records show that after the officers responded to the burglary call, there was a perfunctory discussion about an X-Box believed to be stolen and that discussion suddenly went tense.

When police arrived at the apartment, Lyles began talking about the burglary calmly but then suddenly came at officers with a knife yelling “you ready? Motherf—s,” according to an audio recording of the incident released by the Seattle Police Department.

She apparently threatened the officers with 2 knives in her hand and that’s when they reportedly shot and killed the pregnant mother.

The officers performed first aid immediately, however emergency responders declared the woman dead when they arrived, police said in a statement.

Now Lyles’ family says the shooting was unnecessary and that the woman suffered from mental health issues.

Records show that Lyles was arrested June 5 and was booked into King County Jail. She pleaded not guilty to 2 counts of harassment and obstructing a police officer.

She was released from jail on June 14 on the condition that she check-in twice a week with a case manager and also possess no weapons.

Family members want answers as to why police didn’t use a non-lethal option when they knew Lyles had been struggling with her mental health.

The officers involved have been placed on paid administrative leave while the incident is investigated.


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