Police Dog Bites Toddler During Home Search

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A toddler from California is recovering after she was bitten by a police dog while officers were searching the home for a wanted felon.

A San Jose police dog bit and dragged the 18-month-old girl, Arabella, off the couch and onto the floor as officers served a search warrant at the home on July 14.

The toddler had to get 6 stitches on her back after the dog bit her.

“She’s in stress. She doesn’t want to eat. When she sees somebody or somebody knocks on the door, she says, ‘Oh, Mom, Grandma, is the dog coming again to bite me?’” said Maria Pena, Arabella’s grandmother.

The family is now seeking a lawyer and plans to sue the department for the horrific ordeal.

The police and the dog that did [this] to my granddaughter, he had to fire this police [officer] because he’s not professional. And I don’t know the dog because the dog is animal, is not human, but have to learn, teach how to do a good job you know,” Pena said.

San Jose Police issued a statement saying the incident was an accident but didn’t say whether the K-9 officer will face any disciplinary action.

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