Photos of Toddler And Giant Poodles Are Melting Hearts

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Instagram user Tamanegi’s photo’s are melting hearts around the globe. She has posted dozens of images showing precious moments between her one-year-old granddaughter and her beloved dogs.

The photos show the granddaughter, who’s nicknamed “Mame,” interacting with Tamanegi’s three giant and fluffy Standard Poodles Qoo, 10, Riku, 8, and 5-month-old Gaku, which illustrate a very special relationship they share.

“The reason for… taking these pictures is for the growth record of my dogs and granddaughter,” Tamanegi told KTVU.

The photographer artistically captures moments during which the toddler and the dogs engage in everyday life such as taking naps, rubbing up against each other with affection, eating together and just taking part in toddler play.

“My ideas comes from daily life and a little sense of fun,” Tamanegi said.

Tamanegi gets very creative, dressing Riku and Mame in matching outfits, looking for books together, “reading” the newspaper together like siblings.

The grandmother says that Mame watches the Poodles and learns from them.

“For example, when she is playing with a toy, she [shares] it with them. She… saw that I was brushing my dog’s teeth, then she wanted to imitate,” Tamanegi said.

The photographs have moved many and Tamanegi’s Instagram account has skyrocketed in popularity with over 143,000 people following her work.

Tamanegi calls the bond between Mame and her Poodles “a relationship of trust.”

They think of each other… the dog always look out for her,” Tamanegi said.


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