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If you’ve ever gone shopping with children, you will certainly understand how difficult it can be to handle a shopping basket or trolley along with a pram – in fact, it’s near impossible.

This may be a thing of the past for Moms who get their hands on the innovative new EcoSwingi by With its fully integrated and customisable shopping basket, swing system and bumper toy – you no longer need to worry about juggling all your belongings.

The EcoSwingi Stroller System was invented and founded by Tia Chowdhury, a British Mother of two, who understands just how life demands are significantly increasing. Easing a parent’s life and furthering a child’s comfort within an eco-friendly environment was Tia’s end goal, when designing the EcoSwingi which she hopes will transform the experience of shopping and travelling with a baby into a comfortable, hassle free and pleasurable for all involved.

Made with fire-proof fabric, the EcoSwingi comes with a selection of three seats – a pushchair seat, carrycot or car seat.

There are 3 key features which distinguishes this Stroller System from the others:


It has a great storage area, called the EcoBasket, which can store up to 15kg at an easy height for the parent to reach. There will no longer be a need for extra shopping bags.


The system also boasts an automated swing seat to easily relax restless babies, which has a secure engage/disengage feature which means that the swing will not engage if the lock is on.


There is an add-on accessory available – a bumper which will keep your little one entertained during your shopping trips. The toy even helps to improve eye coordination and focusing and can also be detached and used as a standalone toy.

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Not on sale just yet – the EcoSwingi will be available in five different colours  (black, yellow,pink, blue and cream) and will retail for around $1100 – $1300.

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