People Really Want Child-Free Zones On Planes

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For some people, the idea of being seated next to a child or baby is literally their own personal definition of hell.

But it’s not just ‘some’ people, it’s a lot of people.

A survey by Airfare watchdog found that over half (52 percent) said families with children under 10 should be sat in a separate section.

That seems rather high, doesn’t it?

We’re thinking there are probably parents in that statistic who would pay not to sit next to their own kids?

An idea is to have parents sat at one end of the plane and those without children at the other, reports the Metro.

A number of airlines, for example, Indian firm IndiGo, have already announced so-called ‘child-free zones’, however, the idea doesn’t seem to have caught on with international airlines just yet.

The issue is now being debated, again, after the recent footage of a screaming kid aboard an eight-hour trans-Atlantic flight went viral on social media.

The video, which lasts for almost five minutes, shows the noisy child, clambering about and ignoring his mum’s requests to sit down and be quiet.

You probably already know a lot of people who have had a bad flight because of screaming kids, maybe even you yourself have been through it before being a parent.

On social media, you’ll find hundreds of posts from people saying that they’d be willing to part with their hard-earned to ensure a child-free seating area.

Imagine someone starts a child-free airline. I’d pay a nice lil premium for that
– . (@tinnkky) January 2, 2018

Why has no one started a child free airline yet? I would pay extra money for that shit.
– L (@Crazy_Crum) January 12, 2018

I wish there was a child free airline . I would definitely pay atleast $100 more for the guarantee of no kids during my travel
– Liquid Lightning OUT NOW (@LuzcidMusic) January 12, 2018

So, why don’t major airlines do this?

Tracy Stewart of Airfarewatchdog reckons that it’s because they would face a massive angry backlash from parents.

In an interview with Business Insider, she said: “It would be great if an American carrier would give it a shot, but I would be surprised if anyone takes it on.

“It’s probably hard for parents to be super objective for this stuff. 

“If you’re a parent and you live with that kind of behaviour, you’re probably pretty resigned to kicking and screaming. If some stranger calls out your kid for misbehaving on a plane, those situations escalate so quickly.”

What are your thoughts on this? Would you have a problem with it if your favourite airline offers this “service”?

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