Parents Urged To Stop Buying These Trendy Food Pouches

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As busy parents, we are always looking for ways to make life easier and sometimes turn to convenience foods such as baby food pouches.

Now there’s a report which says that Parents should reconsider some of the items we let our kids snack on or eat for lunch at school and it’s got nothing to do with a recall or health concern.

New reports say that environmentalists are urging parents to discontinue feeding their children health foods that are usually packaged in trendy little plastic pouches. Why?Because it’s killing our environment!

Plastic bags have a way of disrupting the environment in a very serious way. These packages get into soil and slowly release toxic chemicals. They eventually break down into the soil – which eventually leads to animals eating them and often choke and die.

Experts say that by 2050, its estimated that oceans will have more plastic than fish (by weight).

Plastics are believed to threaten about 600 different wildlife species, according to the Ocean Conservancy. When plastic reaches the landfill, it may take up to 1,000 years to decompose and can leak pollutants into the soil and water.

Environmentalists also say that plastic bags cause pollution both in their production as well as in landfill waste or floating in an ocean, once they are discarded.

Something to think about…

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