Parents Say Baby Wipes At Daycare Were Soaked In Bleach

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Peel regional police are currently investigating a family’s allegations that baby wipes at a Brampton daycare were purposely soaked in bleach.

The parents of a toddler at Mini-Skool A Child’s Place, told CityNews that they contacted police on March 7 after noticing that their son’s wipes appeared to be drenched in a liquid which they believe to be bleach.

Police have now seized the wipes and they are being sent to a lab for testing.

The child’s mother, who is the director of the daycare at 27 Kings Cross Road, said she first noticed something amiss when she went to change her child’s diaper and discovered that his wipes were drenched in a substance emitting a strong bleach-like odour.

The daycare serves around 165 children between the ages of two months and four years old.

Each child at the daycare has their own individual diaper wipe box and there’s no evidence that any other child’s wipes were potentially tampered with.

The toddler’s father says that only child care workers at the daycare have access to the wipes.

The parents however say they haven’t noticed any signs of skin irritation on their child.

The allegations are still being investigated.

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