Parents Say Baby Born With Birthmark That Looks Like Batman Mask Won’t Have It Removed

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When 4-month-old Natalie Jackson was born, at first her parents were “filled with panic.” Natalie was perfectly healthy, but she didn’t look the same as other babies. After they got over their shocked reaction, they now call her “little superhero.”

“The nurse lifted our girl up, after my c-section, and I saw the big black mark on the left-hand side of her face,” her mother Lacey said“She was so beautiful, but it looked like a bruise and I was worried in case it was something I had done to her during my pregnancy. Medics said it was just a birthmark, though, and she was breathing and healthy.

Natalie’s nickname stemmed from her older brothers, Elliot and Devin.

When they first met their sister, Lacey said that they asked what the “black mark” was on Natalie’s tiny face.

Lacey recalls telling the boys, “I told him it was her superhero mask. I told them that, because of it, she could achieve anything.”

Despite their worries of what people will say to Natalie and the stares that she may get from strangers, Lacey and Natalie’s father decided not to get the birthmark removed.

The birthmark is expected to “grow as she grows,” meaning that it could spread out more across her face.

The child already gets cruel looks from adults and Lacey knows when she gets to be school age it will get worse. Lacey says Natalie’s birthmark is a sign of her strength.

We know she will come up against some difficulties, but her mark means she is going to be strong no matter what life throws at her,” she said.

But according to Lacey, the important thing is that Natalie is healthy.

When she was a week old, her parents took her to an eye specialist who determined her Batman mask-like mark wasn’t damaging her vision.

Natalie was also examined by a skin specialist and had an MRI. When everything came back as “just a birthmark,” Lacey made a decision.

“I decided we would love her so much and give her all the confidence in the world, to make sure she could see how beautiful she is and how she can achieve anything she wants,” she said. People tell us how amazing her birthmark is and how gorgeous she is and we couldn’t agree more.

“It’s good to be different and as long as she embraces it, she will be stronger because of it,” Lacey added.

What would you do if you were in Lacey’s shoes?

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