Parents Revolted By What This Mom Let Her Kid Do At A Restaurant

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I’m sure many parents would relate to the times when you are just a few minutes into your drive, your kid tells you that he has to pee –desperately. He’s begging you to pull over and frustratedly, you hand him an empty bottle of water and tell him to pee inside it. Then, magically – the urgency to pee magically goes away.

But what if you’re at a restaurant?  You just go to the nearest bathroom – correct?

That’s not what this mom did…

According to Kidspot, patrons at a restaurant were horrified when they say a Mom allowed her son to pee in a cup in the middle of a restaurant. She let him pee inside a cup even though there was probably a public restroom not too far away from their table.

As you can imagine, a lot of people were absolutely outraged over this.

The incident made its way on social media. One person commented, “Even animals do not pee next to the place they eat, what did this woman think of when she decided to hold a cup next to her son’s pee.”

Another added, “I wonder if the boy wanted to do number two, would she let him do it at the food court too? By putting a newspaper on a plate? Wild people.”

How do you feel about this? What would you do if you’d witness this?

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