Parents In Agony After Daughter Born With Heart Outiside Of Her Chest

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A baby in Pakistan has been born with her heart outside her body.

22-year-old Shaista Zahida, 22 gave birth to the baby girl naturally in Multan city last week.

The Mother was left completely shocked when she realized that Laraib’s heart was beating on the outside of her body. This is due to an extremely rare condition.

Although the organ functions properly, Doctors say that she will need surgery to place it back inside her body in order to keep her alive.

Pakistani doctors are unable to operate on her and her only chance of survival is to have the surgery in Europe.

The baby is currently is in the intensive care unit at The Children’s Hospital in Lahore, being kept alive by the doctors. There, doctors diagnosed her with Ectopia cordis, however, whether a surgery would be possible on the infant is not known yet.

The genetic condition occurs in approximately one in every 126,000 births and Infants with the malformation tend to die within the first few days of their life.

Dr. Ibrahim Ansari, who is taking care of the baby said ‘In my long career, I have never seen a newborn with such a rare condition. Except the heart being outside her chest, the baby looks normal. She breathes normally and is active.’  

Dr. Ansari also said that the baby may survive if pediatric surgeons can operate on her to put her organ back in her chest.

The Pakistani and Punjab governments have been asked to intervene and help the family get their baby to Europe for the surgery.

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