Parents Get Letter Shaming Them for The House They’re Raising Their Kids

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A couple in Mission Beach, San Diego have received an anonymous letter shaming them for their choice of housing.

Mike and Kelly Bruning are the parents of a 2-year-old and 4-year-old boys and live in a two bedroom condo in Mission Beach, San Diego.

Their condo is reportedly just steps from Mission Bay on Bayside Walk, and while most of us would love to live that close to the beach, there are some people who clearly take issue with Mike, Kelly’s choice of living arrangements.

The letter was addressed simply to ‘Mike and Kelli’ according to their Facebook page.

Upon posting the envelope the letter came in, they posted this comment.

“1. no return address = coward
2. santa stamp = swing and a miss
3. c’mon ‘Kelli with an ‘i’ …. = dingbat”

No offense taken with the whole ‘Kelli with an ‘i” comment. Kelly and Mike read the letter that basically called them horrible parents for choosing to live in a two bedroom condo instead of suburbia with the other families.


It’s important that you know that you guys are about the most selfish parents around. Because you like the beach, your boys are trapped in a tiny, one bedroom upstairs apartment. Kids need yard to play in. A swing set, or trike to ride when they want to, not just when it’s convenient for you. I don’t know this but I doubt that either of you had to grow up under these conditions.”

Kelly Bruning said while she knows her family is happy, the letter did have a very negative effect.

“It makes you second guess, just a little bit,’ the mother of two said. “Because you want the best for your children.”

“I opened it up and read it and my heart sank.” Mike was clearly upset that anyone felt they had the right to criticize how he was raising his sons.

The key thing is, it’s really nobody’s business. Yes it’s a tight space inside but we live here so they can experience being active in all that the outdoors has to offer.”

The boys share a room, but so do lots of kids – not just out of necessity of space, but to foster sibling relationships.

The response to the cowardly letter on the Bruning’s facebook page has been overwhelmingly supportive of the family and so many people are having a hard time believing anyone could find fault in raising children with the beach in their backyard.

The nerve! What do you think? What would you do if you received a letter like this?

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