Parents Arrested After Running Brothel Out Of Home With 3 Kids Inside

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A couple from Ingram is facing charges, accused of running a brothel out of their home with 3 children inside.

According to police, the parents were busted during an undercover sting.

An investigation has been launched after police got a lot of complaints from neighbors about men going in and out of the apartment at all hours of the day.

Brittany Dawn Patrick is now facing charges of selling sex with children in the home.

Police are currently looking for her boyfriend, and father of her 18-month-old, Lukas Trout.

According to police, their investigation started in January after several neighbors started complaining about the suspicious men in and around Patrick’s second-floor apartment, coming and going day and night.

The complaints led to an undercover sting, and eventually to an adult website called Escort Babylon.That’s where police say that they found Patrick’s ad looking for, “older, generous gentlemen … no game players, I don’t play games.”

Last week, an undercover officer answered Patrick’s ad. That officer reported Trout was there to welcome him and direct him to the bedroom, according to police.

Police also noted there was prostitution actively happening in the home where Patrick’s toddler son and also her roommate’s children, 8 and 10 years old, were present.

Patrick is now being held in the Allegheny County Jail and police are searching for Trout, who will face charges of child endangerment and conspiracy.

She allegedly told police officers that she did this to support a heroin addiction.



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