Parents Allegedly Told Son Not To Call 911 Before His Sister Died

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How could anyone inflict pain and suffering on the very children that they brought into this world?

 I just don’t understand.

Massachusetts couple has been charged with several counts of child abuse in the death of their 6-year-old daughter Sophia.

Shana Pedroso and Marvin Brito were arrested after Sophia was brought to the hospital with substantial injuries.

The girl was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital, but the cause and manner of death is still pending. 

After Sophia was brought to the hospital and pronounced dead, police questioned Julian about what happened.

He told investigators that he and his sister were attacked by some bullies while out on a walk. The boy has injuries and bruises consistent with being beaten. He also told investigators that his Mother, Shana Pedroso, used super glue to close a wound on his neck.

He was then told not to call 911.

Police say that they saw bruises of various ages all over Sophia’s body, which was inconsistent with the story that the kids were beaten just days ago by a pack of bullies. Julian also told investigators that Sophia was unable to drink the morning before she was found unresponsive, and that his Mom got very mad at her.

 When Pedroso was taken into custody and booked, police found handwritten notes on her. The notes were dated Monday, and they said that “the children were bad and beaten”.

Shana Pedroso has been charged with assault and battery causing injury to her children and reckless endangerment of their lives. Marvin Brito has been charged with permitting substantial injury to Julian and Sophia Brito, in addition to reckless endangerment.

For now, investigators are collecting evidence from the home, and are trying to piece together the final days of little Sophia’s life.

Julian is in the custody of the Department of Children and Families who says they had no prior interaction with the family or the kids, who were home-schooled.

 In a statement, the department said, “The Department of Children and Families continues to assist law enforcement in the active investigation of this tragedy.”

Posted by Shana Pedroso on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

However, there also remain a lot of unanswered questions about Shana Pedroso and Marvin Brito.

 Pedroso’s Facebook shows a mix of sexy selfies, with just a few pictures of her kids, and no pictures of Brito. The couple showed no emotion at their arraignment, and no family was present. Even Brito’s lawyer knows little about his client. He’s not even sure if Pedroso and Brito are married.


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