180,000 Pacifiers And Clips Recalled By Munchkin

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If your baby uses a pacifier and clip, check to see whether it’s made by the baby products company, Munchkin. If it is, it may be affected by this product recall.

Munchkin has recalled about 180 000 of it’s lightweight, latch pacifiers and clips, which are sold as a set. The reason for the recall is that the pacifier and clip pose a chocking hazard as the clip cover is able to detach from the pacifier’s clip.

To date, no incidents of choking have yet been reported, however Munchkin has received 10 reports of the detachment happening.

The pacifiers were sold in five styles namely designer, rattle and heartbeat clips with 0m+, natural shape pacifiers, and designer and rattle clips with 6m+ orthodontic pacifiers.

The 0+ and 6m+ designer pacifier and clip sets come in in three different color patterns: blue/white strips, orange/white polka dots and pink/ white polka dots.

Image credit: CPSC

Image credit: CPSC

The rattle pacifiers and clips 0m+ and 6m+ are green with beads in the pacifier cover which makes a rattle sound – it also has a polka dot strap.


Image credit: CPSC

The heartbeat shaped pacifiers and clips have a heart-shaped red cover  and it has white and red polka dotted strap.

Image credit: CPSC

Image credit: CPSC

The Latch lightweight pacifier and clip sets could be bought at a number of stores including Amazon.com, Wal-Mart, Babies R Us and Target and it sold for between $11 and $15. The sets were available for sale during the period March 2014 through March 2016.

If you are in possession of this product, you are being urged to contact Munchkin for a replacement Lightweight Pacifier pack with two pacifiers, at no charge, or to receive a full refund.

Source: CPSC


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